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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Aug 27, 2018

Looking to get into real estate? Or maybe you're hoping to clock out of work early... permanently? Today we're bringing down to the basement the guy who used real estate to make sure his family was in great financial shape at an early age, Chad "Coach" Carson. Whether you're interested in flipping houses, buying and holding, or just curious about how to get started, we'll talk all things real estate on today's podcast.

PLUS, in our headlines segment, is active investing dead? One pundit says that calls of the death of active investing are exaggerated, and points to four ways we'll use active investments in the future. Looking for some ways to beat an index? Today we'll point to four possibilities. And in our second headline, are you using your 401k like an ATM machine? We'll tackle a recent piece about workers who cash out their 401k plan well before they should.

Of course, we'll still have time to answer Doug's trivia question, we'll throw out the Haven Life line, and answer a listener letter.

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