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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 26, 2017

Sometimes money lessons resonate. After 500 episodes, we've heard LOTS of lessons. Get a 15 year mortgage, get a 30 year mortgage. Pay off your debt faster, THEN save. Pay off debt slowly AND save at the same time. What advice is right? What sticks?

On today's show we'll share what OG and Joe think stuck for them. Our Top 5 episodes have been some of long-time listener favorites, so today we're bringing it back with a special top 5....which 5 lessons from guests and contributors have been the ones that we should ALL remember. 

But a big part of today's show comes from YOU. We'll play some of your big wins from the years that we've completed 500 shows. It's AMAZING to us what the people in this community have accomplished. You've paid off incredible amounts of debt, learned to invest, started a savings plan, created a budget...and more importantly? You've achieved some amazing goals, like buying houses, retiring, putting kids through college....we're in awe of your ability to achieve. You inspire us. Thank you!

Of course that's not all....we STILL have time to throw out the Haven Life line, bring on Doug's trivia, share some bad jokes, and lots more....

Huge thanks to for helping us with today's show and through the years on this show. They're an awesome company and if you're not using them, I'm not sure you know what you're missing!