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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 29, 2019

Bola Sokunbi tells us the amazing story growing up with a mother who was initially left out, like many women, of the family's financial decisions. Whether you're a man or woman, today you'll hear the reality of your financial life: you can't delegate it to other people. There's nobody better to tell this story, so we're super excited that today Bola, the mind behind Clever Girl Finance, joins us.

In our headlines segment, we'll take a call from our long-time friend and Detroit Free Press reporter Susan Tompor. Susan has written a piece on a new money scam which involves receiving an email from your "boss" asking you to buy a few costly gift cards. This is definitely one to watch out for, and we'll find out all the details on the scam from Susan.

And after we give Doug a chance to deliver some buffalo wing themed trivia, we'll throw out the Haven Life Line to a caller who's wondering what to do with her cash from a discontinued retirement plan. Brooke works for a small startup, and her employer recently discontinued a fee riddled 401k offering. Brooke had $2000 in her 401k, and wonders what should she do with the money now?

We'll finish out the show with a letter from Brian, who wants to make sure his thinking on the pro-rata rule and backdoor Roth conversions is solid. Could he avoid the tax hit from a traditional-to-Roth conversion if he does it in in his wife's name? What's a backdoor Roth IRA? How does a pro-rata rule work and will it kill you? All good news: we'll explain the rules AND define all of these technical terms.

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