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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Feb 21, 2018

Think you know networking? Scott Gerber is a superconnector who's spent his entire life learning the ins and outs of successful business relationships. Today he's in the basement sharing with us the tools you need to become a superconnector yourself. Networking 1.0 no longer works (or even is something you want to be associated with). He'll share tips, tricks, and stories from people at the top of the networking field on today's show.
Plus, in headlines we'll tackle how one celebrity spiraled into a life of debt. What does that have to do with your money? If you're depressed or love retail therapy, maybe more than you think. Also, does access to retirement planning tools actually make people plan more often? Not shockingly, the answer is yes, but the amount by which the answer is "yes" might surprise you.
We'll throw out the Haven Life line to Brenda who has a bunch of 0% debts she wants to pay off. Should she pay them down or just pay the minimum because she isn't paying interest? Of course, we'll also answer some listener mail and if you're lucky, I might top it off with my trivia.
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