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The Stacking Benjamins Show

May 22, 2019

Each year here in the basement, it isn't officially summer until we present this episode, which is why we're so happy to bring you Robert Niles, Mr. Theme Park Insider. He's coming down for his annual trip to the basement to help you find your best summer theme park fun. From the best upcoming rides, to fan favorites, plus the best way to get a few discounts from your favorite parks...he's bringing all his tips and tricks to you on this episode. I know! We're fired up, too!

And in our headlines segment, where's the best place to save for big purchases like a house or other short-term goals? We'll probably have a few answers that are not exactly what you're thinking. And in our second piece, randomly selected stocks beat out investment picks by fund managers. So... what does that mean for us? We'll cover monkeys, darts, and savings goals on today's headlines segment. Just another day...

Next, during our Haven Life Line call, we'll answer a voicemail from Dan, who wants to know how best to allocate his family's investments. He's diversified, but does he really need mid-caps and a total stock market index fund? Plus, in our follow-up letters segment, Steve calls in says that he's invested in large, mid, and small cap... (plus international funds.) Steve doesn't have a problem with his allocation, but is it an issue that it's all through one brokerage firm? You'll get the best of both worlds during today's listener focused segments.

And don't worry, we'll still have time for some theme parked... themed trivia.

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