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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Nov 29, 2019

Wondering if there are any good games you can play about money or economics? Long time Stacking Benjamins fans know we have one non-financial event that gets us just as excited (if not more) than any other event all year: our annual board game episode! Today we'll fly with Joe to Dallas, Texas, and the BoardGameGeek.con convention, where he catches up with the star of the YouTube show Game Night!, Lincoln Damhurst. They'll not only talk about a whole host of cool games about money and company-building, but they'll also dive into some light, fun games that you can play with the family over the holidays. Before you waste money on a game that nobody will like, check out this episode and make a better buying decision.

Plus, replacing our usual Fintech segment (is it boardtech now?), we're talking to co-creator of a new site called Jeremiah Cole-Kelly will walk us through how this new tool can help you find a cheap evening's entertainment (and even a weekend's worth, when it comes to game conventions). Looking for people in your area who love to play board games just as much as you do? Jermiah's site just may be the solution to your problems.

Of course, financial show or not, we'll always save some time for Doug's trivia.