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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Apr 20, 2020

Maybe you're looking for the perfect new job, or you're hoping to be able to at least HOLD the remote the next time the family watches Netflix. In either case, do you wish you could be a better negotiator? Whether you want more compensation at the office, you're looking for better results with your business, or hoping for improvement in your personal life, being able to connect with the people around you is a vital skill we all need to hone. Today we'll ask negotiating expert Mori Taheripour how she recommends we get the job done. Her answers may surprise you, as they did us when we first read her new book, Bring Yourself.

Plus, are you in the sandwich generation? What IS the "sandwich generation"? That means you're caught in the middle supporting older parents and younger children at the time time. In today's headlines segment, we'll tackle a new study completed by online life insurance company Haven Life (they're also a sponsor of our show). To help us make sense of it all we'll ring up our friend Brittney Burgett and talk about how you can accomplish more while trying to take care of everyone else.

We're mixing things up for today's Haven Life Line: we'll answer a question pooled from our Instagram surveys. You can keep up to date with our latest Instagram posts HERE. Adrianne wrote in with an important question for so many people these days about unemployment. She asks, will people already on unemployment before COVID-19 be eligible to receive the additional unemployment relief money? There's more to the answer than you'd think, and we'll share the results of our research on the topic during the segment.

As always, we'll save time for a slice of Doug's (national pastime inspired) trivia. Enjoy the show!