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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 28, 2017

each other. A big problem that we have at the Stacking Benjamins show is that nobody ever talks about their mistakes. So our final topic, we discuss a BIG financial mistake we've all made. One of us shares a DOOZY. We'll let you listen to hear which one.

We also cover (as we do EVERY Friday), LOTS of other topics, including perks that your company SHOULD offer if they want to keep employees long term, and also

In our Friday FinTech segment we have a great guest...Neal Stern from AICPA joins us to talk about a new online game you can play that will teach you the basics of money-making decisions! Yesterday's Tomorrow teaches concepts about life from birth to the grave. You'll learn a lot, and Neal takes us through the game to tell us all about it.

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