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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 30, 2018

How do you say goodbye to a long term advisor? Whether it's a financial advisor, CPA, financial coach, or someone in another field, we'll talk about the common practice of "ghosting" advisors. Is it okay to just leave your advisors and not tell them that you're going? If you decide to tell them that you're leaving, what should you say? We'll ask our crack team, including not only OG and Len Penzo, but special guest Mrs. Groovy from 

Plus, we'll also talk about taking time off from your job to begin constructing your ultimate life. How do you begin taking time away? We'll not only review a piece on this topic but also ask our panel for tips on today's podcast.

We also answer a three-oh call for help to the Blooom hotline. What should our listener expect from tax preparation help? How do the fees work? We'll ask our team that question, and also answer a letter from another listener, share Doug's trivia, and more.

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