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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 27, 2017

It's an age old off debt or invest? While we could wax philosophical about which is the right approach, on today's show we answer a question from a listener about a specific question around this topic. He and his family have a mortgage, but also need more savings for retirement. Which is the right approach for him? 

In our headlines segment we'll discuss bad breakups. Should you dive in to "retail therapy" when things go wrong? Statistically, that's what LOTS of us apparently do. We'll also answer a question about freezing your credit from Glen. He's applying for a job and wondering if he should go ahead and freeze his credit or if he should leave it open for when his company completes the inevitable credit check.

Also, in our special guest spot, we'll talk about HoneyFi! If you're in a relationship and want a financial app that's been designed from the ground up, you'll want to listen to today's featured FinTech segment.

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