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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Oct 23, 2017

We've heard the stories: robots and artificial intelligence are coming to steal our jobs and make us obsolete. Bill Studebaker from ROBO Global has a different outlook. What if automation is going to help us all move faster? We'll talk to Bill about investing in AI in our portfolios and how the new world of work will look in the future as robots help us move the productivity needle even further.

In our headline segment today we'll tackle a story about a celebrity who had well over a million dollars stolen from him AND another about students who've left billions of dollars in free money on the table. How do you avoid losing out on free money? What could the celebrity have done better to avoid being ripped off? We'll share tips for both of those scenarios on today's podcast.

We'll also throw out the Haven Life Line to Hillary. She's wondering if maybe she can pay her student loans off faster if she puts extra money into a mutual fund instead of directly toward the loan. Is the risk worth the chance of a higher interest rate and then a faster payoff? Then we answer a letter from Alex who wonders if he should continue saving after tax money into his rollover IRA. We'll have LOTS of tips for Alex and anyone else who's thought about trying this strategy. 

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