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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Sep 28, 2016

Scott Alan Turner (Financial Rock Star podcast) joins us to talk about important lessons from his new book 99 Minute Millionaire. One reason we love Scott is that he makes some fairly difficult concepts seem simple, like indexing and budgets. We'll have a wide ranging discussion about those topics and more today! Also, in our headline segment, we put a bow on the Wells Fargo scandal by letting you know how to get your money if you're owed something from the settlement package. Also, we'll dive in to a review of Brexit. When it was all finished, did market timers get a nice bounce by missing the dip?

In the second half of the show we answer a great hotline call from Nate about extremely early retirement. If you want financial independence at a young age, how do you treat tax shelters? Then in the letters segment, Laura asks about using her husband's employee stock purchase plan for their goals. You might not expect our answers to either of these questions. 

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