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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jan 20, 2017

We start today's podcast by talking with Paula, Greg and Len about a recent Supreme Court case. Should we legislate financial behavior? It turns out that people don't do well with analysis of surcharges and discounts, so should we protect them? Not only do we dissect that topic, but then we turn to the financial markets. Is this market overheated? If there anything we should do about it? Our panel will share their opinions today.

In our Freshbooks FinTech segment we introduce you to Roadie, a company that matches people hoping to ship things with people who are already going that direction. Why pay a moving company or professional service when you can pay less to have a non-pro just take it for you? We ask LOTS of questions and find out the low-down on this company that's now also partnering with Goodwill.

Thanks to SoFi and for sponsoring our podcast!

Looking for show notes? Check here: Market Drop roundtable show notes.