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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Apr 23, 2018

Lillain Karabaic has done everything. From bicycle valet to bookkeeping to radio, she's had just about every job you could imagine (she held over 40 jobs during her 20's!). Today she's sharing advice and stories about grabbing the reins. Think you aren't saving enough money? She'll inspire you with her work ethic. Think you have trouble getting money in the right place? She'll share her favorite tips... and more. 

In our headlines segment, we'll share some statistics from Transferwise about banking fees. It turns out that many people are surprised by the fees their bank charges. Overdraft fees? Sure, banks charge those, but how about returned mail fees? We'll share the whole list and ways to reduce fees.

We'll also debate a new media piece about retirement planning. Is it time to share the old planning practices out the window? We'll share the authors' tips and also those that OG and Joe advocate, on today's podcast.

Plus, we throw out the Haven Life line to Abbey, who wonders about starting a financial coaching business. As a financial planner, is there room to expand into coaching people who don't yet need full-on CFP level support? We'll share some of the reasons you don't see more of these businesses and also ideas for starting one on today's show. We'll also answer another listener letter, throw out Doug's trivia question, and more.

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