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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 30, 2020

If you have debt you're going to love today's episode. We'll talk to a woman who decided that it was time to take charge and change her course for the better. Choncé Maddox Ray (of the My Debt Epiphany blog) didn't have a huge savings account or a sizable income to get herself some relief from debt, but she didn't let that stop her from taking ownership of her life. She'll talk about how it took self reflection, planning, hard work, and follow through to lift herself from a life of debt. Deciding it was time for a change, Chonce paid off $11,000 in debt on a salary of less than $35,000. We'll ask Choncé to dive into just how she pulled that off.

The relief bill is out (it was being finalized when we recorded...and there's nothing new to report that we didn't cover in the episode). With the bill signed into law, what's the next step? What should you do with the cash influx when it drops into your account? If you're a business owner what should you do as well? We'll cover that PLUS turn our attention to one of the early casualties in the financial arena of the coronavirus crisis: a couple of leveraged funds are going bye-bye. What does that have to do with your money? We'll explain.

During Doug's trivia segment halfway though the show we'll share some interesting facts backed up by a LinkedIn survey. Are you a manager? Buckle up, we're delivering your employees biggest gripe about YOU.

We're rounding out the show with a call from Simon, who calls in with a question he could only ask virtually right now. The problem? Simon's got a new job and is making a ton of cash. His co-worker suggested waiting until the market cools down before investing anything, but that doesn't make much sense to Simon. Thoughts?