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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 25, 2020

The market's down a bazillion percent (mom's not great at math), your neighbors won't answer the door (and for the first time ever, that's a good thing), and the world seems upside down. Time to stop throwing good money after bad and call a retreat? On today's show Joe & OG answer a TON of your questions about ANYTHING! While we received many questions about coronavirus we also field some about college savings plans, Roth IRAs, board games, and what we would have done if podcasting hadn't been the huge massive financial hit that it's been (sarcasm, kids...).

Plus, in our headlines segment, while everyone is panicking, luckily there are still journalists out there ready to write some pretty stupid financial pieces. What's the latest piece of financial TP advice? We'll cover that on today's show AND save time for Doug's trivia. Just another nearly 90 minute day in the office (AKA basement) for us!