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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 26, 2019

We're barring the doors, closing the shades, and not answering any house calls because today we're answering YOUR letters. From paying down a mortgage principle or investing, to allocations, backdoor conversions, and even the best strategies on giving kids an allowance... this show has it all, thanks to YOU!

Plus, in our headlines segment, what can we learn from the life of a day trader? Longtime listeners can probably imagine the whole team's collective groan when we first broached this topic, but the more we discussed this headline, the more we found LOTS of great ideas that everyday investors can use. We love some of the lessons we can distill when learning what separates a good day trader from a bad one. In our second headline, we'll wonder out loud where is the future of financial advice is headed. We'll look over one report from Hartford Funds on important financial considerations you need to keep in mind and give our two cents while we're at it.

Later, after we take a break during Doug's trivia, we'll queue up a voicemail from Pete, who no longer works at a job with 401k access. What are his options for investing with tax benefits? Can he still max our his Roth IRA through a backdoor conversion?