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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Dec 30, 2013

Top advisor Scott Tiras (Barrons top 100 independent advisor list) joins us with five lessons we should have learned from 2013. What are some ideas we can glean to avoid mistakes next year? 

PK goes contrarian in this episode. Doug sneaks downstairs to borrow mustard. Len, Paula and Greg ask the magic 8 ball...

Dec 27, 2013

Know someone in college or recently graduated? Sanjeev Agrawal's company can help them network with companies that might not even know you exist. On this week's show he walks us through the struggles people face while searching while marketing themselves and ways to attack your job search.

Show notes are...

Dec 23, 2013

It's a special episode of Stacking Benjamins! While we're off visiting family, we thought we'd totally hook you up with three of the best interviews we did during 2013. While our discussions with my mom's neighbor Doug, the Schwann's guy, and the guy cleaning the furnace were compelling beyond belief, we thought you...

Dec 20, 2013

Paul Sorokin has a neat app that might help you save money without even trying. The key: save a little at a time so that you don't miss it AND make it automatic. The Saved Plus app is brand new and has been talked about all including here! 

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Dec 16, 2013

Sara Tetreault from joins us to liven up your holiday season with five big ideas that can transform your holiday season for little or no money. Entertaining? Gift giving? Decorating? No matter--she has you covered. Our shortwave roundtable tackles emergency funds. Should you really have one? PK finishes...