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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jul 28, 2014

According to recent Fed meeting minutes, the policy of tapering that keeps rates low may be ending. Does this mean interest rates are going to rise? Should you refinance your debt? 

This week Barbara Friedberg ( and Ryan Michler (Wealth Anatomy Podcast) join Len Penzo (

Jul 25, 2014

Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse joins us to discuss ways to teach your kids about money. Her new book, The Lemonade Stand, teaches accountability, goal setting and planning. 

We also tackle topics like long term care (on a tangent!) and activities that are great for kids late in the summer.

Show notes are at...

Jul 23, 2014

How are banks and credit card companies making money off of you? Our guest, Nick Clements from, tells us this week that there are MANY ways they make money. He also exposes some of the "fun" tricks credit cards and banks play to grab more money from your wallet. If you don't have a plan for your banking...

Jul 21, 2014

The basement's flooded so Joe escapes to Doug's house today to talk 401k loans. Why don't you want to take one out? We'll explain.

Our usual contributors are FINALLY all here for the greatest Shortwave Roundtable segment ever. Paula, Greg and Len will talk about everything from Yosemite Sam to family discussions...

Jul 18, 2014

Can lenders discriminate based on your age? The quick answer is (spoiler alert).....yes. However, today's guest, President of Consumer Education at, John Ulzheimer joins us in the basement to tell us the rest of that story.....

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