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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Feb 29, 2016

You've heard horror stories about Wall Street. Today we talk to someone who lived it. Bestselling author Maureen Sherry joins us to talk about her experiences on Wall Street that led to her new bestseller, Opening Belle (which was recently picked up by Reece Witherspoon's production company to become a motion picture)....

Feb 26, 2016

Of all of the quotes we'll talk about today, "We're in a system designed to fail" isn't one that you want to hear when talking about retirement...and it's from one of our articles today. Are we destined to fail when it comes to planning our retirement? Are there too many options in our retirement plans? Is there a...

Feb 23, 2016

What's better than pumpkin pie this week? ...well, nothing, BUT this episode is close. PK winds down the election by discussing the worst polls of all time. Joe interviews Julie Vlahon of about the coolest tech gadgets this year AND Shawanda Greene from You Have More Than You Think. 

Feb 23, 2016

Finally a "normal" show after two special episodes. But normal doesn't equal boring. Looking for ways to earn some interest in this next-to-nothing rate environment? We've got your back. Of course, PK is here as well as the Shortwave gang, too. Enjoy the show.

Feb 23, 2016

This week we weave tales of suspense, mystery and asset allocation. Joe & OG talk about things that go "bump" in your portfolio. PK tells you what you REALLY should fear this Halloween. Dom, Len & Nina Penzo, and Carrie chime in with their biggest financial fears.