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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jan 31, 2014

Kraig Mathias from the Chasing Financial Freedom podcast and tells us the strategies he used to double his income in a short time. Does he have any magical tips? Nope. However, you'll find his candid ideas refreshing and a good reminder of how working smart can pay long term dividends. We...

Jan 27, 2014

A HUGE cast joins us this week to help you plan the perfect wedding. Tracey Fricke from Special Occasion by Design and Andrea Travillian from Take A Smart Step help Kathleen O'Malley from Frugal Portland strategize about her wedding. Our newest contributor, the Evil HR Lady Suzanne Lucas tackles changes you'll need to...

Jan 24, 2014

How money money has slipped through your hands during your lifetime? Jacob Wade from added it up...and the number isn't pretty. 

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Jan 20, 2014

Kimberly Palmer, US News and World Report Alpha Consumer blogger and author of the new book The Economy of You joins us in the basement this week to talk about recession-proofing your income. What would you do if you were unexpectedly laid off tomorrow?

PK is back for more fun this week, as is the roundtable gang...

Jan 17, 2014

Jason Gordo, co-founder of Flexscore joins us in the basement to talk about measuring your financial progress. You know your credit score, but what's your overall financial health score? He'll tell you how he and his team created a measurement to tell you just how well you're doing overall (not just with