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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Mar 28, 2014

Ever have that day at work? know the one....where you want to tell your boss just where to put this "wonderful" job? Well, it's time to stop complaining and instead use it as motivation to roll your savings plan into reality.

Kali Hawlk from joins us with a funny and inspiring concept....

Mar 26, 2014

Brandon Turner from BiggerPockets helps us kick off the new Wednesday edition of the podcast by sharing 5 real estate myths that the "gurus" like to spread. We ask him about flipping, renting, tax issues and Section 8, among others.

Joe & OG dig into the mailbag to take reader questions. Doug has trivia. We review a...

Mar 24, 2014

This week our shortwave roundtable gang of Greg McFarlane and Barbara Friedberg tackle the hot topic of "makin' mo' money." According to an article by Jason Steele at, there are five ways to make more, and they walk through each one.

Suzanne Lucas, the Evil HR Lady, talks hair....specifically: can your boss...

Mar 21, 2014

Author Emily Guy Birken joins us to talk about four popular ways online sites grab money out of your pocket. She'll show us the traps and then the smart moves to avoid emptying your wallet.

Mar 17, 2014

It's another top 5 week! Also, we discuss winter weather and the stock market, Harvard admissions and take your letters. Greg and special guest Erin Lowry wonder how to best "savor" your savings. PK tackles over-optimization.

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