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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Sep 21, 2018

Ever wonder what outside factors are keeping you from making more money? If so, it turns out you're not the only one asking that nagging question... big surprise there! Helping us cover a recently released blog post covering many reasons why you aren't making more (and what to do about it) we're rolling in our "A" team: Paula Pant, Len Penzo, and OG. It's important to consider automation, robots, inflation, wage stagflation, employer collusion, a proliferation of workers who are highly educated, and more. It's even more important to know what you'll do about it, now that you're armed with all the reasons why. There's no reason to not be making more money, whether with more money from your primary income, with a side business, or using other strategies (such as passive investments).

Of course, that's not all. We'll still have time to answer a voicemail from a listener, and to answer Doug's trivia. Drew recently changed employers. What are the options he should be aware of? Are there time constraints we should be watching out for?

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