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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Apr 22, 2019

Doug Lynam grew up in a wealthy family but rejected looking wealthy at an early age and began hanging out with counter-culture kids while trying hard to find himself. From that lifestyle to the Marines and finally to becoming a monk, we'll talk about Doug's quest to find himself and ultimately to come to grips with the role of money and what it meant for him (and also for many of us). We'll talk through stories about his quest, how he began helping his fellow monks with their money, and ultimately how he became a money manager. He'll also share strategies to help you begin building your financial knowledge, to start questioning your own view of money, and to ultimately become a better steward of money. It's a wide-ranging, fun discussion, and we hope you're able to join us for it!

In our headlines we'll talk to Paul Yakoboski, Senior Economist at TIAA Institute, about the results of the company's 2019 Personal Finance Index. He'll share how education and juggling your financial life are closely related. We'll talk about trends with the P-Fin index, the roll of education in your game plan, and more. He'll discuss how to gain knowledge about money and how to become better handling financial concerns. Plus, another company is planning an iPO. No, not an IPO (initial public offering), but a more made-up term called an iPO. We'll explain today.

Later in the show, we'll throw out the Haven Lifeline to Alan, who has an awesome question for us about pensions. He has two choices: one where he can take the full amount himself or another where he gives up $400 per month but his spouse is also covered for her life. Which does he take?

Then, in our letters segment, Dillion writes in asking about the best way to transition into the field of personal finance. He's currently an accountant, but Dillion's realized his passion is in helping people learn about and gain control of their finances. What's the approach to moving into the personal finance field?

Of course, we'll also make some room for Doug's trivia, so don't you worry.