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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 19, 2015

Peter Polson had been using a ledger since his dad gave him a family allowance, but lately, whenhe searched for budgeting tools, he couldn't find one as robust as Microsoft Money or Quicken. That's why he joined forces with Tim Johns and created Tiller, an application that uses Google sheets to help individuals and families track expenses and plan their budget. Now you can collaborate, discuss and all edit your budget from wherever you are....even if you're in different cities, states or countries.

We discuss the ideal family meeting and the importance of having flexible tools. Then we tackle using the cloud to collaborate on your budget and different uses for this type of technology. Also we talk about the difference between Tiller and current budgeting tools on the market. How is Tiller different? I was surprised by the answer and think you will also.

We're excited that Peter and Tim decided to use today's episode as the launch of their open beta for Tiller. Use to gain access to Tiller and start trying out the new budgeting tool!

As an extra bonus, we track down Jason Vitug from again to see how his 30 day journey is going. If you remember, he and the Phroogal team are driving the length and width of the USA to talk financial wellness with people like YOU. It's an exciting story, so we wanted to see how it was going....and also to see if Jason's back on the fast food wagon on this whirlwind trip....calories don't count on road trips, do they?

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