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The Stacking Benjamins Show

Jun 28, 2019

Less stress, easy overhead, and being debt-free... those are three fantastic reasons to chase financial independence. For a growing number of investors the top reason to save and live frugally has become a chance at early retirement. But, what type of freedom does early retirement bring? Is the freedom gained from early retirement worth it? We'll ask our contributors their thoughts on early retirement, and explore the concept of not retiring FROM something, but TO something on today's show. Assisting us in today's discussion is Rocky Lalvani from the Richer Soul podcast, Len Penzo from, and OG, from our very own Stacking Benjamins podcast.

Halfway through the show, we'll hit the pause button on our discussion while Joe talks to Kevin Kidd, Roush Fenway competition director. You might be thinking, "WAIT, that's not FinTech! what does that have to do with finances?" As it turns out, there are a few financial lessons to be had from a professional racing team.

Plus, after we finish a few laps around the track, we'll answer a voicemail from Rosie during our Magnify Money segment. Rosie's parents are retired, and she's recently learned her parents have been charged some crazy fees from their financial advisor. She wants to move them over to some low-cost index funds, but doesn't want to lose all their money in the process. What should their asset allocation look like?

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